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tw_collab_fest's Journal

Torchwood Collaboration Festival
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Make friends, write fic, repeat as necessary
The Torchwood Collaboration Fest -- a chance to meet fellow fanfic writers, learn some new writing tricks, and hopefully create some great stories along the way.

The point of tw_collab_fest is to encourage collaboration between writers still interested in creating stories about Torchwood. The focus isn't on any particular pairing, cases, or topic, but rather the writers themselves.

Each person volunteering for the festival will be partnered up based on a small preference survey. The partnered groups will then create a piece of fiction that best combines their two styles.

Never collaborated with another writer before? Great! Think of it as an opportunity to make more friends in the fandom and try something new.

Have a friend you already want to be your partner? Fantastic! Let me know on your entry survey and we'll team you up.

1. Stories must be at least 1,000 words.

2. Stories can be written in any style or method of collaboration that the writers prefer.

3. Be kind/respectful of other members of the community and especially to your writing partner.

4. Stories must be beta-read.

5. Absolutely no character bashing stories.

Posting Schedule
April 20 - May 3: Sign Ups

May 4 - May 10: Partner Pairing

May 10 - June 17 Writing Period

June 18 - TBD: Posting

Check out this general information post for more details on the challenge. Also, please feel free to visit the FAQ if you have any questions.